Quarantine & Chill?

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We are ALL guilty when it come's to being a work warrior whether it's our own entrepreneurial efforts, working for a giant corporation, or just a smaller company you love.

I've been self isolating for over 2 weeks with no work and minimal contact to anyone that isn't super "essential" to see. To say this is an easy task for me is very far the truth. 

I work in the streetwear industry at a very well know company and I am always surrounded by people, I haven't taken an actual 'vacation' pretty much since I entered the workforce and have always wanted time to fine tune and better my personal projects as well.

I guess this is all a blessing in disguise  and can show everyone what really matters, if you are where you want to be, how to GET to wear you want to be, and how to constructively use your time during the mass amount of downtime a lot of us are experiencing right now. 

The next few weeks please join me for my POV on dating, isolation, self care, and preparing for whats next....

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